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Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation | History

The development of the H.R. Hoover MD Cancer Center spurred a group of like-minded, dedicated community members and physicians to form a foundation in 2002. Knowing the importance of caring for the patient’s well being, as well as treating their cancer, they had a vision to care for the basic needs of each patient.

An anonymous donation of $96,000 in stock was gifted to jump-start the Foundation for this purpose. The first Director, Sandy Hinmon set out to generate funds from the community and in 2003 was able to grant financial assistance to 4 cancer patients.

As the Foundation grew, education programs were developed to teach youth about preventable cancers, and various cancer screening programs were offered to the community promoting health and wellness. Now in our 12th year, we have given out approximately $450,000 in financial assistance to almost 400 patients as well as provided educational programs to more than 1,700 elementary school children.